About Me

Rebeca Riera, Founder of GOLDIESBEAUTYQ Blog.

All my life I have been living a gypsy/nomadic lifestyle. Since the day I was conceived, I was destined to travel all over the globe. I was born into an Army life in a small mountain top castle in southern Germany near the end of the Cold War and grew up moving all my belongings every two to three years. At the age of 11 months I crossed Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin and had my baby carriage searched by Russian Soldiers. My life has been an unexpected journey across the world. Hoo-ah! Need I say more?Now I have established myself in Miami to be closer to my extended family. There is nothing I value more than the closeness of family, because no matter what happens they are always there for you. I have always been on the outside looking in and felt like an outsider everywhere I live. I believe it is due to my unique sense of style and lifelong exposure to many different peoples and places. I know that my style and way of thinking is a fusion of all my cultural influences. I do not have one genre/category of style I fit in; I believe there is a piece me that belongs in each one. You will see this diversity in my blog as you get acquainted with me and view my outfit look-book. I will fuse different genres and styles together. I love fashion and enjoy playing around with outfit combinations and creating eccentric looks that suit me best.

Follow me @goldiesbeautyq on Instagram to see what life in Miami is really like.

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