#DDOP stands for “Daily Doses of Poses”. This hashtag pretty much defines itself, but I will give you a little synopsis on what it means anyway. On this page I will be posting my daily images and experiences, just to give you the reality of me other than my look-book photographs. You can also follow me on my Instagram! Yes, I URGE you to follow!



|Miami Art Walk: July 2015|Wynwood 7/11/15|

|#OOTD: No make-up 8/16/15|

|#DDOP: w/ Dangerous Kat 8/16/15|

|#OOTD: South Beach Day 8/22/15|

|#OOTD: Zara Kitty Top & Forever 21 Plaid Leggings w/ Patent Pointy Loafers 8/24/15|


|#DDOP: Coffee & Breakfast 9/5/15|


|DDOP: Harley Quinn Make-Up 10/6/15|


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