Casual Caturday’s #1

Photography: 3R


In my Roaring Leopard post I mentioned having a Leopard Print Friday which has now become Casual Caturday’s. I realized that strictly leopard print fashion may be too narrow, with that in mind I decided to make the theme a little bit more broad and stick with a cat/feline theme. From now on, every other Saturday I will be posting a look that is inspired by felines. I mention every other Saturday, because I do have other obligations, for instance school and homework. All in all, this was a cat inspired look that I gathered from my closet. I tried my best to find apparel similar towards this look and as always I will do so. Sometimes they are not always exact, but they may be comparable to what I wore. I hope you guys are  having a safe and enjoyable weekend and I will meow at ya later! 😉

Roaring in Leopard



I decided to do something a little different with this post. Instead of posting a new outfit that is still for sale at retailers, I coordinated an outfit with older clothing from my closet to compliment my new pair of Vans. Although they are still full price online, 😦 I have been waiting for these bad boys to go on sale and they finally did in stores. 🙂 I love these sneakers! They go with almost anything. Now onto the outfit details, I combined a black cropped-off-the-shoulder top with a black sports bra underneath, pairing it with this adorable leopard print skater skirt. I absolutely love leopard print! (No surprise, coming from the crazy cat lady here!) I love leopard print so much that I think I am going to start a “Leopard Print Friday”. Let me know your thoughts on this, in other words every friday I will post an outfit with leopard print or something involving cats. That concludes this fun and flirty look and I hope you all have a splendid week! ❤