No Basic Kini @ Crandon Park





Today’s shoot was at Crandon Park Beach. Crandon Park is a family friendly beach full of captivating wildlife and whimsical playgrounds. The one thing that makes me happy is the beach. I love soaking up the sun and getting a golden tan; while wearing sun protection of course, skincare is very important. Firstly, I wore a neon orange swim cover-up from Victoria Secret Pink. Secondly, I wore a bikini from Montce Swim. Montce Swim is  a sexy-mermaid inspired swimwear company based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I absolutely love their Bikini’s and I was extremely excited when they came out with this  fish print bikini. Altogether, this was my beach get-up and I hope if you all ever come to South Florida that you would make an attempt to visit Crandon Park Beach or Montce Swim. XOXOXO!

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