Red Velvet Reverie





Unfortunately, Miami does not have much of a fall and winter. The fall season feels like spring and winter feels like fall, with exception of the time change of the Autumn Equinox. With that being said, I created two sassy fall looks suitable for South Floridian weather. The first look is my favorite, I wanted to incorporate a look with velvet. For some reason this fall season I have velvet fever. Hahaha! 😉 I have also been obsessed with faux leather and all kinds of textured apparel. As for the second look, I have a vigorous passion for make-up, hence why I am representing Time Los Angeles Make-up crop top. I paired this crop top with a pair of checkered burgundy leggings and my sassy black lace-up heels. I hope all of you had a wondrous weekend, as for those  who live in cooler climates please bundle up and stay warm. 😉



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