Cimmerian Angel




Photographer: Ricochet


I love how fun and lightweight this frazzled cardigan is, for that reason I have been eager to incorporate an outfit with this cozy garment for one of my lookbooks. For this look, I combined a dark bohemian ensemble that I would love to see on a Charlie’s Angel/female protagonist fighting crime and kicking butt. Firstly, I combined a flowy black crop top with a pair of comfortable prismatic black velvet leggings. Secondly, I accessorized this look with a bolo styled necklace and a dainty silver ring on my index finger. Lastly, I completed this look with a pair of my favorite booties I purchased at Neiman Marcus Last Call by Sam Edelman. Sam Edelman designs beautiful shoes that will last you a lifetime and their unique designs will never be outdated. This concludes my lookbook, I wish all of you many blessings and I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.



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