Casual Caturday’s #6




Photographer: 3R



 Yesterday I was having technical difficulties with my internet service, with that being said I apologize for the late Caturday post. Better late than never, I always say. If  You haven’t noticed, all of my looks are photographed and encompassed with the reference of nature. I love all of mother nature’s existence and  I always have fun dancing and prancing around in her beauty. Firstly for this look, I originally wore a pair of sexy black leather lace-up pumps, but walking around in the grass in five inch heels is not the best of ideas. For that reason, I decided to get my feet a little dirty and go barefoot for this look. Lastly, the main element of this look is this gorgeous scuba knit leopard print dress. You know me and my leopard print obsession. 😉 This concludes my look, I found a couple of links above that resemble this look. Please check them out and I look forward to next Caturday! Till next time…



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