Spring Break in Costa Rica


Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Rainforest

For this Spring Break of 2017 I went to Costa Rica! It was such an amazing experience, I fell in love with the Costa Rican people and the luxuriant vegetation this country possesses. The wildlife and nature here is I-N-C-R-E-I-B-L-E!!! (incredible in spanish…) My mind was absolutely blown and in all honesty I am considering moving there. Life in Costa Rica is simple, not complicated and they definitely stick with their motto “pura vida” meaning pure life, by living life peacefully and simplified. This is certainly a motto I pursue to live by and hopefully in the future I will have it fulfilled. There is one thing I like to do when I venture to a new country or place and that is to explore outside of the tourist attractions by having experiences where the natives go. I like to have the full on daily life experiences with the people. Mind you, I did venture to tourist attractions of course like the beach in Manuel Antonio, The Cloud Rainforest in Monteverde, horseback riding along Arenal Volcano with Don Tobias Horse Trails, and the suspension hanging bridges of Mistico with the gorgeous views of Arenal. Those are definitely places that must be seen while visting Costa Rica so that you are encompassed within the unbelievable natural beauty these places withhold. If you love bird watching these places are perfect for that activity. With that being said, keep in mind almost every activity in Costa Rica is strenuous (some more than others).  So, make sure you are fit for a lot of walking on incline and decline. Also, make sure you bring  a rain coat, long sleeves ( it gets chilly in the rainforest) , leggings, water shoes, a walking staff, and most importantly hiking shoes.  I didn’t think to bring any of these things… hahaha! Later I regretted not doing so, I was fine walking in my converse, but in Mistico I wished I would have worn at least running shoes, because my toes were starting to rub against the canvas of my orange chucks which made it very uncomfortable to walk. My favorite place was La Fortuna where the famous Volcano Arenal is located. My Boyfriend and I had a beautiful horseback trail adventure viewing the gorgeous landscape of Volcano Arenal with Don Tobias Horse Trails, it was by far one of my favorite excursions. Also, when we were in Manuel Antonio we stayed in this stunning rustic hotel called La Mariposa. This hotel had the most incredible views of the the beach in Manuel Antonio and a calming romantic ambience that I loved. We also explored to this beautiful intimate exclusive resort in Manuel Antonio named Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort. OHHHH MYYY GOODNESS!!! Before I rag on how amazing the food was, I have to admit to all of you that I have an expensive palate and I blame it on my mother. My mother cooks everything fresh and gourmet, so I am pretty spoiled when it comes to food. Now with that being said, I was really impressed by the beautifully presented and deliciously tasteful balanced, fresh, and light entrees concocted by Executive Sous Chef Hedmi.  I felt very honored to meet him and enjoy ever bite of  his delightful entrees. Just thinking about his food makes my mouth water, I honestly have not eaten food that fresh and scrumptious since I lived in Naples, Italy. It was ridiculously good.  Now to conclude this blog post, Costa Rica has been one of my favorite places I have visited so far and if you are a nature lover who loves to discover different plants and species this is the place to visit. Ciao friends and go visit Costa Rica, you won’t regret it! 😉




La Mariposa Hotel in Manuel Antonio

Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort w/ Chef Hedmi

Don Tobias Horse Trails

Mistico Hanging Bridges

Monteverde Cloud Rainforest


Monteverde, Costa RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta RicaCosta Rica


Costa Rica

Scenery on the way to La Fortuna

Volcano Arenal

Arenal Volcano



Fresh Snook entree by Sous Chef Hedmi


La Fortuna

Mistico Hanging Bridges

La Fortuna


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