Studded Overalls

Grunge Style

At the age of 9 and a half,  I had two pairs of overalls I would constantly wear throughout the week with my all time favorite Coca Cola Polar Bear sweat shirt. One of the overalls were velvet in the color purple and the other pair were traditional denim by Guess ( I think I recall? majority of my wardrobe was from Guess as a child. Mommy loved Guess!) Anyhow,  sometimes I think my fashion sense is inspired by my regression from my childhood. I had a wonderful childhood and I enjoy reminiscing my life as a child, I was so free. Due to my childhood I have been obsessed with overalls, jelly shoes, Sam Edleman shoes, cats, and the color pink for quite some time… REASON 1) One of my first  shoes are a pair of black and white ballet flats by Sam Edelman. I still have them in a shadow box with my baby Nike sneakers with a pink Nike logo. REASON 2) Did I say pink Nike logo? Yes, yes I did. My lovely mother dressed me up in pink and in cat print outfits everyday. I got so sick of wearing pink that it became my least favorite color growing up and now as an adult it is back into my top 3 favorite colors. Hahaha! Who would of thought? REASON 3) I am a late 80’s baby with that being said, jelly shoes were very popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s (especially for kids). Now, for this look I fell in love with these gorgeous studded overalls. In all honesty, I  want to wear them all the time. Sometimes I have to refrain myself from doing so, they are just so darn comfortable and laid back. whenever I grab these overalls from my closet, I prefer to where them with a neutral colored crop top with cap sleeves. Why a crop top? It is just easier to wear with overalls layered on top. A bodysuit would work as well. Oh! By the way… Yes, the sandals I am wearing are designed my Sam Edelman, but from his Circus line. They are very comfortable as well, I always take them with me when I travel. These bad boys have walked the streets of Paris, Venice, London, and  San Diego, California. This concludes this look, thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope all of you had an amazing may and I wish all of you a grand kickstart throughout June. Positive vibes for a positive summer! Ciao!





_MG_4351_MG_4367Grunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge Style


Photographer: 3R


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