Laced with Love & Passionate Reds




Photographer: 3R


February, February, February… The month of love, romance, and friendships!  Also, my birthday month! Unfortunately it passed already, it was on Ground Hog’s Day and it was definitely one of the best birthday’s I have had in awhile. I thought about sharing some picture’s here on my blog, but that would consist of exposing other’s rights of privacy, so with that being said I decided to not to do so. I did share a couple of photos on Instagram, if you would like to check them out you are welcome to do so. I plan on posting a lookbook of my birthday outfit soon, so be on the lookout for that. Anyhow, other than my birthday, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! With that in mind, I decided to create a sexy, seductive, edgy, and “be mine” kind of look for all of you. For this look, I paired a sexy black lace bodysuit paired with a bralette underneath, coupling it with a pair of vibrant red shorts with a scallop trim. I also, accessorized this look with a silver choker that has a beautiful detailed design.  To complete this look, I wore these edgy leather lace up platforms, I bought from Aldo a year or two ago. These shoes scream “be mine” ! This concludes my Valentine’s Day outfit, I hope all of you have a beautiful Valentine’s day filled with love and romance. Also, for those who do not have a significant other to spend it with, remember Valentine’s Day is not just for couples it is for sharing your love and admiration with your friends and family. 😉 Till next time lovelies !


Rebeca Riera

La Juguera Tropical



One thing I love most about Miami is its predominant Cuban culture and of course its Cuban food. I am half Cuban, with that being said the passion and desire of latin flare runs through my veins. Miami is like no other place in the United States, it is miniature copy of Latin America fused with a variety of hispanic cultures. If I ever leave Miami, there are three things that I will miss greatly: 1)Their Cuban bakeries (UHHH Cuban Coffee and pastelitos!) 2)  Cuban Restaurants 3) Freshly squeezed juice stands called “Jugueras”. Furthermore, This look was taken at one of my favorite Jugueras named La Juguera Tropical. I decided to wear a bright yellow bodysuit that is accented with a pink zipper to compliment the tropical, sunny Florida theme. In addition, I paired this look with these adorable high waist shorts and of course my comfy Vans. This concludes my look and If you ever come to Miami, visit La Juguera Tropical!