Laced with Love & Passionate Reds




Photographer: 3R


February, February, February… The month of love, romance, and friendships!  Also, my birthday month! Unfortunately it passed already, it was on Ground Hog’s Day and it was definitely one of the best birthday’s I have had in awhile. I thought about sharing some picture’s here on my blog, but that would consist of exposing other’s rights of privacy, so with that being said I decided to not to do so. I did share a couple of photos on Instagram, if you would like to check them out you are welcome to do so. I plan on posting a lookbook of my birthday outfit soon, so be on the lookout for that. Anyhow, other than my birthday, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! With that in mind, I decided to create a sexy, seductive, edgy, and “be mine” kind of look for all of you. For this look, I paired a sexy black lace bodysuit paired with a bralette underneath, coupling it with a pair of vibrant red shorts with a scallop trim. I also, accessorized this look with a silver choker that has a beautiful detailed design.  To complete this look, I wore these edgy leather lace up platforms, I bought from Aldo a year or two ago. These shoes scream “be mine” ! This concludes my Valentine’s Day outfit, I hope all of you have a beautiful Valentine’s day filled with love and romance. Also, for those who do not have a significant other to spend it with, remember Valentine’s Day is not just for couples it is for sharing your love and admiration with your friends and family. 😉 Till next time lovelies !


Rebeca Riera

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