Rockstar Comfort



Hey there bloggers! This is my first post, so bare with me. My goal  for this blog is to create unique combinations on other models and myself. I want to create fashion look-books that everyone can relate to, but with my own flair of style. I also have plans of collaborating with other creative individuals and I am always open to new ideas. I hope you enjoy this look and continue following me on my journey of getting acquainted with the true rawness of Miami and its lifestyle.

In this look, I decided to put together an outfit that is comfortable and that screams “I am on Rockstar status!”. I know I chose wedges for this look, but believe me when I tell you they are the most comfortable wedges/shoes in general that I own.  These shoes are Soda brand and are my go to shoes for everyday use. If you are looking for comfy shoes that give you height, these bad boys are a winner! I hope you guys enjoy and have a splendid weekend.

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