La Niña Linda





 IN MEMORY OF: Reinol Senior

I held this look-book very close to my heart during its process of coordination. I recently lost someone who I admired and who I cared for dearly. He was a very strong and endearing man who took me in under his wing as if I was his own grand-daughter. My unconditional love for him was mutual. I would like to dedicate this blog post to him and ask you blogger’s no matter your denomination to recite your own prayer for him to be in the heavens or in whatever heavenly peaceful place you may believe in. He used to always call me in spanish “la niña linda”; which in english translation means “pretty girl”. He was the most  selfless and giving person I knew. Dear Reinol Senior will be missed terribly by all the lives he has touched and cared for. I will always remember all the good memories and I will always carry him close to my heart.

On a much sunnier note, I decided to combine  three outfits with my all-time favorite italian cowgirl boots. I bought these green and purple color-blocked boots when I was living in Naples, Italy. Italy is a beautiful country, you must put it on your bucket-list of places to go. Also If you ever plan a trip to Italy, I highly recommend southern Italy during the spring, the food there is incredible! Just thinking about their food makes my mouth water. These looks are perfect for summer and have an urban-boho vibe going on. This shoot was momentous for me due to my dedication of a special person who recently passed  and also because I took photos with my favorite mango tree. I have been eating its delicious mangos every summer since my childhood. Throughout the time of an Army life, Miami was always a permanent home in the summertime and I always looked forward to savoring this tree’s scrumptious mangos. All in all, I absolutely love all three outfits, let me know what you guys think and tell me which look would you strut your fabulous selves in. Hope  all  of you are enjoying your summer so far! I know I am.

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