Loca Loca for Loco Bella!





So, for this lookbook I did a little collaboration with Loco Bella Boutique. They are a boutique based in an adorable historical town in Rome, Georgia. I actually used to live in Columbus, Georgia. Georgia it is a beautiful state that withholds so much history and woodlands. They say that the Chattahooche River is cursed, if one drinks the water from the River one is bound to Return. Let’s say I have have reinstated in Columbus, Georgia about three times, I suppose the urban legend is true. Anyhow, I highly recommend you blogger’s to check out Loco Bella’s website they have a variety of trendy unique styles. Also, make sure you register for their e-mail list, you will instantly receive a 50 percent discount on your first purchase (50% is pretty awesome if you ask me!). To start with the first outfit, This dress is a comfortable form fit with a little bit of an exposed side boob. In addition to this look, I decided to stay with the comfy theme and wear a pair of studded taupe colored converse shoes and accent this look with a peculiar suede necklace. In the second look, I kept it simple pairing the “Blessed” graphic tee with a pair of acid wash dolphin styled shorts and gladiator sandals. Later, I tied the front half of the tulip-shaped slits of the tee into a knot. To complete this look, I chose to go with an emerald green smokey eye with Loréal’s Endless Sea Infallible compressed shadow, mauve colored blush, and a clear lip with my City Cosmetics clear lip Gloss. This concludes my look, I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

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