Birthday Suit 



I know I have not been active with my blog posts lately, I have had a very busy  schedule with school. With that being said, as an Art student your time and life is consumed with projects and more, but I love what I do, so I don’t mind it much. I plan on sharing some of my projects here, especially this recent project I am working on. I will be documenting its process as I work on it. I look forward to sharing its stages of dissipation with you all of you. Anyhow, I mentioned in my last blog post that I would create a lookbook of my Birthday attire. With that in mind,  I finally created this lookbook. It’s about time right? 😉 Now, for my birthday I wore a  grey crop top & pant set coupling this stunning outfit with a pair of rhinestone-sparkly-glam-strappy-sandals. Lastly, I also accessorized this look with a pair of Henri Bendel Lock earrings I bought last year. All in All, this concludes my look. May you all have a radiant and blessed week!






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