Primavera Afterglow



EYESHADOW/ Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette / Colour Pop: Fringe / HIGHLIGHT / Colour Pop: Butterfly Beach / BRONZER / Mac Cosmetics: Gold Deposit / EYELINER / Sephora Jumbo Liner: Pale Beige Matte/ FALSIES/ Ardell Double Up Wispes / LIPS / Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick: Sway / Rimmel Lip liner: Indian Pink /



Photographer: Ricochet



Spring is just around the corner! According to the Spring Equinox, it will officially be Spring Sunday of March 20th! How exciting is that? Spring is one of my most favorite seasons of the year, with inclusion of Summer.  So with Spring coming along, I decided to create a simple ethereal boho look. To acquire an ethereal afterglow, I chose this white boho maxi dress/top to add radiance by contrasting this ensemble with golden accessories and gladiator shoes. To complete this combination, I wore a pair of destroyed-light blue-cuffed shorts underneath the white maxi dress/top. Also with this look in its entirety,  I  believe I achieved a goddess-like glam for this combination, because the entire time I was prancing around in this outfit feeling as if I were Persephone the God of Spring herself. All in all, this completes my look and be sure to keep up with my posts this week because I plan on posting some of my Spring Break looks throughout the week. Have a beautiful week lovelies!



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