Liberated Soul ☮

Photographer: 3R


This weeks lookbook is a free-spirited look showing off the midriff area. I love this look for its simplicity and comfort. I am normally pretty conservative about showing off the midsection of my body, but what the heck! Your only young once, right? I also fell in love with these seamless boot-cut jeans with slits on the inner side of the ankle. Let me tell you, these pants are awesome! They are made from great quality denim material and hug your body perfectly. Combined with these rad jeans, I wore a baby blue mineral washed crop tank top. To complete this look, I decided to accent it with rose gold and silver  jewelry and a pair of funky metallic sandals that were in my latest post. Lately, I have been incorporating rose gold in my outfit combinations for the fact that it has been a common fad for this summer season. I have also been taking total advantage of wearing rose gold for the fact that it warms up my skin tone creating an ethereal glow. This concludes this look, I hope all of you had a beautiful Mother’s Day full of love and happiness. look out for next week!



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