Keepin’ it Neutral

Photographer: 3R


The temprature is warming up and the sun is tilting closer towards the Northern Hemisphere. In all honesty, it is warm all year round in southern Florida, especially here in Maimi, but as it gets closer to summer it gets ridiculously hot due to the humidity. With that being said, tank tops, shorts, and sandals are a common ensemble. Now for this look, I combined a neutral combination incorporated with a denim jacket and metallic t-strap sandals. Growing up within an Army lifestyle I always felt like a Gypsy moving around from place to place every two to three years. Because of my upbringing , I felt connected to this graphic tank due to its text saying “Gypsy Soul”. To accessorize this outfit, I wore these sixties inspired sunglasses for amusement and to create a groovy mood. This concludes this lookbook, I hope everyone has a beautiful week filled with positive vibes.



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