4th of July with PINK & some Vans

Photographer: 3R





I hope everyone is having a fabulous and save Fourth of July weekend. I wanted to create an affordable patriotic look for you guys. I came by Victoria Secret Pink and they are having and awesome deal, $15 for their Fourth of July graphic tees. As for Vans, I bought these patriotic Vans for $9. They were having a buy one get one for %50 off  sale at Dolphin mall. I am not sure if the sale is still going on, but I am sure they have a better promotion for the fourth. I also noticed that Converse had their patriotic shoes for $24.99, for those converse lovers (Guilty!). This concludes my look, go to Dolphin Mall for great deals/promotions if you live in Miami/ visiting and Happy Fourth Everybody! Ciao!





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