Coffee & Yoga


boho loungewear


Nothing is comfier than wearing an oversized graphic tee, yoga leggings, and a pair of high  top chucks.Especially orange chucks…  I told you I was going to be wearing these chucks nonstop. Now for this look, I created a fitness and loungewear ensemble. I thought to myself, what is better than having a shirt that screams “I need coffee!” and a pair of yoga pants that snuggle the arch of your foot with warmth and protection. Uh coffee is better duh! So story of my life, I can never have too much coffee. I don’t know about you guys, but coffee time always puts a big smile on my face. 🙂 Anyhow, I am not a Yogi per say, but I will admit that yoga is great for your body and soul, so I have been told. I believe it too and I do recommend to give it a shot. I need to give it a shot myself. I am more of a runner, I love running long distances. That is my method of staying fit and my outlet for built up stress or anxiety. I have tried the gym and Cross Fit, but running seems to be the one thing I enjoy and never stray away from. In addition to the fitness part of this look, I incorporated this adorable jade colored sports bra/top that has a beautiful elastic laced opening on the back. I actually want to buy more  of these tops in different colors. I initially bought it for kayaking, with that being said this top/bra is quite versatile to wear in the fitness/athletic realm. It is perfect for dance, running, kayaking, yoga, riding bike, etc… This concludes this weeks look, I hope all of you have a fabulous week and I would love to know what physical activities you like to do as your outlet for stress or just to keep your body healthy and in top condition. Ciao!





boho loungewearboho loungewearboho loungewearboho loungewear_MG_1193


boho fitnessboho fitnessboho fitnessboho fitnessboho fitness


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