Bohemian Sisters


Bo·he·mi·an: bōˈhēmēən/ noun 1. a native or inhabitant of Bohemia. 2. a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer. Sis·ter:
ˈsistər/Submit noun; plural noun: sisters 1. a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents. Now-a-days it is pretty simple to have access to any information that  you may be curious about with cell phones close in hand. These are definitions that derive from the term Bohemian Sisters. I thought I would define the two, because I felt that people mention the term Bohemian, but do they honestly know what that really means? I never really knew what it meant and where it derived from until I looked it up.  I always had an idea of its meaning, but I never really knew its definition. Bohemian in the fashion realm is a present day term for Hippie, but a bit more of an organic artistic style that is influenced by nature/natural world. Now, for this lookbook I collaborated with my sister Nali  A.K.A. Nalidel. With that being said, I am always willing to collaborate with others who live in Miami, so please feel free to contact me at my e-mail. Anyhow, here is a bit of Natalie’s description on her adorable off the shoulder crop top and denim a-line skirt.

For the first look:My top is from Express

My skirt is from Valija, a Puerto Rican store

My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell

Choker is from Forever 21

Belt is from H&M

All from the Summer 2016 season. All bought in August 2016

I paired the off the shoulder top and choker because that’s what’s in style and because off the shoulder and chokers draw attention to your collar bone and make your neck look longer ☺️ I really wanted a jean skirt but with my smaller waist and larger hips, it’s really hard to find skirts that don’t need to be tailored til I found the skirts at Valija.



boho style

Boho style

Boho style

Boho style

Photographer: 3R


Boho style

As for my look, I wore a black boho styled hat tied with a black velvet choker and this sweet cosmic wolf graphic tee matched up with this fun golden skirt. To conclude this look, I paired it with my orange converse (again of course! I know not again. lol) I had fun putting this look together, it is perfect for festival season or some rad rock concert.  I swear my next look will be with a different pair of shoes. Hope you guys enjoyed this look. Till next time! Ciao!



Boho styleBoho style_MG_0653


Photographer: Nalidel


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