The Perfect NYE/Party Outfit

NYE Glam

How was everyone’s New Years Eve? A New Years full of memorable moments, love, and laughter I hope… I had some memorable moments myself that I will never forget. It was a wonderful start of the New Year for me. 🙂 

I never intended for this playsuit to be worn on NYE, but I had it sitting in my closet since August, with no occasion in mind of when it would be worn. Then it reached closer to the holidays and I decided to wait till NYE to wear this gorgeous golden playsuit. It was perfect to start the New Year! Then later I realized, I need shoes!? What shoes to wear, what shoes to wear??? I swear it was certainly a dilemma for me. Then velvet became a huge fad for fall and I found the perfect silvery velvet shoes! Then it was Christmas day and as a gift I received this gorgeous Swarovski bracelet that could also be worn as a choker and these rose gold huggie earrings that were the perfect accenting accessories for this glamorous look. I honestly felt like disney’s princess Belle from Beauty and The Beast. Belle has always been one of my favorite disney princesses aside from Aurora and Cinderella. I love those three. Anyhow, for new years I normally wear red, because red is my complimentary color. Also, red, white, and gold are common colors to be worn on NYE. I cannot remember why, I think its for good luck, but I need to look further into my resources on that fact. If any of you know, please leave a comment below. Well, I must bid all of you adieu. I hope everyone has had a splendid beginning of their New Year. May all of you be blessed with love and positivity this year! Ciao!




NYE GlamNYE Glam NYE Glam NYE Glam NYE Glam

NYE Glam

Photographer: 3R


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