Wynwood In Style

Wynwood In Style

Stop Wars Mural by Kobra

So this week my significant other and I had a sibling outing with our brother’s to see the new Wynwood Walls from this years Art Basel 2016. I absolute love Wynwood! I also love to explore the Wynwood Walls and exhibitions over and over again. I believe art never gets old, I always tend to discover something new in art works I have inspected before and it is always such an exciting experience. With that being said, each experience to Wynwood is always  different and new as well. Wynwood is open to the public and keeps expanding with plenty more walls to explore. Now for my look, I decided to stick with neutral colors. Normally, I would wear sneakers or flats to walk the streets of Wynwood, but I decided to get fancy and wear booties with a chunky heel. The sidewalks here are pretty unleveled so for those of you who love to wear heels, chunky works best, avoid stilettos and wedges, unless you are a pro and you were born in heels. 😉 I accessorized this look with a mens classic pork pie hat that I accented with small white feathers I found on one of my many nature walks I go on. I also wore these awesome earrings from Uno de 50 that resemble skeleton fingers/bones. I do not really have a close up photo of me wearing them, but in one of my upcoming looks I will be sure to incorporate them. This concludes my look, be sure to check out Wynwood and their exhibitions if you ever come to visit Miami. I will leave the address and link below my gallery. Let me know what your favorite Mural is. I would love to know. Ciao!





Wynwood In StyleWynwood Walls_MG_2785Wynwood Wynwood WynwoodWynwood


Photographer: Ricochet


Wynwood Walls

2520 NW 2nd Ave,


FL 33127

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