Vigorous in Black





Photographer: 3R


Spring has finally begun to blossom! With that in mind,  before we go further into spring I wanted to create a gothic grunge-western-rocker look. While developing this look, I  kept a mindset of being rebellious, bold, and self-assured. Black is such an absolute color that is flattering and fits any body type or complexion. For some reason when I wear black, I feel confident and fearless. I love how the color black in fashion is universal trending infinitely in every season and I also love its flattery on the curves of my body. In brief, being dressed in all black is simple and safe, but at the same time it creates an alluring mystery, with a dash of sexy which makes me love it all a bit more. Have a fabulous week my friends and I hope you enjoyed this lookbook with one of my best friends that has paws! 😉





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