Huckleberry Finn Rebel





Hey there friends! I hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far. This lookbook was inspired by one of my favorite novels Huckleberry Finn written by the incredible Mark Twain. I was always fascinated with Huckleberry Finn’s character, his rebellious, free spirited, and courageous nature has always motivated me to live freely and enjoy life by finding new terrains to wander and explore. I love being outdoors and being involved in mother nature’s adventurous excursions. I shot this lookbook in a public natural reserve here in South Florida that I always enjoy delving into. As for this look, I wore a comfy black crop top coupled with a pair of loose-fit denim cropped Finn-like pants or also known as culottes. I also, accessorized this combination with a tan  wrap-around choker that included rose gold triangular metal tips and a pair of rose gold swarovski crystal studs. To complete this ensemble, I wore these wild leopard print wedges I bought years ago from Steve Madden. This concludes this look, Thank goodness Friday is here, because I am ready for the weekend!



One thought on “Huckleberry Finn Rebel

  1. Vicou says:

    Becky, you’re so gorgeous! And what a sense of style! – Just like your Mama! Everything you wear looks made for you!
    Sending you our love!
    Vicou, Leilei, Rafy y Naty


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