Oversized Cat Tee and Some Halloween Inspiration

Halloween Fashion

 Halloween is right around the corner! If your not ready for this years Halloween festivities, nothing is easier than being a cat, all you need are cat ears, fishnets,  black boots, and an all in black outfit of your choice or comfort. For myself, I love to show off my legs, I am very proud of them and the hard effort of  my running miles I put into them. haha!  So with that being said, I normally do not hesitate to reveal them. Anyway,  you may also need a black or a dark purple lipstick, to give your lips a pop of darkness to embrace that seductive, dark mysteriousness of black cat. 😉 If you just want to simplify your life and not go all out with the makeup, cat ears alone give away your costume. Halloween is about have fun with your family and friends, also eating lots of candy (for me chocolate…lol.) So have a stress free, safe, and fun Halloween my pretty’s! A little hint of what I am going to be this year! looking forward to sharing my costume with all of you. MEOW!



Halloween FashionHalloween FashionGrunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge StyleGrunge Style

Halloween Fashion

Photographer: 3R


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