All in Denim

Boho style

Who doesn’t love denim?! Denim has been an american classic since the 1860’s, that is  a long time my friends. Plus, denim is always in fashion in every season and for infinity. For this look, I created an all denim look with a pair of high-waisted destroyed jeans and this floral embroidered denim jacket that I have had for years. So with that being said, I found you a similar jacket on the link below and the same goes for the colorblocked booties I am wearing in this lookbook. I normally try to stick with the same brand I am wearing, but if they do not have that similar style of my liking, I change it up a little and give you a bit more options to choose from. 🙂 I paired this look with this dainty lacey black crop top and accessorized this ensemble with a black choker that has a silver open circle in the center and these gorgeous Pandora earrings that I purchased when I was in Paris. As you all know, I normally shoot my photos with nature, but this time around I decided to introduce all of you with a gorgeous city skyline view of Brickell Village, this can be appreciated at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Key Biscayne. The Rusty Pelican has delicious food and a very romantic, majestic ambiance. It is a beautiful place to sit down drink a glass of wine and enjoy the city view while eating some of Miami’s finest seafood. Also, to keep in mind you have public beaches and Miami’s Sea Aquarium nearby! So if you ever decide to make a trip to Biscayne, go visit our aquatic friends, I am sure they would love to see you.  although, you may even get lucky with spotting a wild manatee out on that patio area like I did, most of Biscayne bay is a protected manatee zone. Meaning that there are manatees swimming all around those areas. They are such amazing creatures, I always feel so honored to get to see one in its habitat. I honestly believe they are Gods of the sea. That concludes this lookbook my friends! Have a fabulous week! Ciao!



Boho styleBoho styleBoho styleBoho styleBoho styleBoho style

Boho style

Photographer: Alain Fleitas




Rusty Pelican

3201 Rickenbacker Causeway,

Key Biscayne, FL 33149

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