Camo Girl

Camo Girl

Camo is a nostalgia for me, growing up in an Army community that is all I saw, until later in my teens they changed their uniforms into a pixelated camo to blend in with an arid kind of terrain. Other than the need for change, I believe the influence for the new uniforms were due to the war in Iraq that was provoked by the 9/11 tragedy. This will be a tragedy that our nation will certainly never forget. So for this look, I kept it simple and comfortable with a forest green curved hem tank  and a pair of camo leggings. Accompanied to this look, I wore a my orange converse (of course), a tattoo choker, a warp around choker, and a tigers eye bracelet. This concludes my look, I’ll share a photo from my childhood for you in my father’s uniform below the outfit details. I hope everyone has a beautiful thanks giving. Ciao my friends!




Camo Girl

Camo Girlboho in camoboho in camoboho in camoboho in camoboho in camo

boho in camo

Photographer: 3R



Army Brat


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