What Shoes Are Best For Running & Benefits in Jump Rope

Athletic wear

If you are looking for an easy form of cardio or workout, I recommend jumping rope. It is a great cardio to build your endurance for other athletic activities that you may be interested in, it does not hurt your bank account, and all you need is 5 to 10 minutes of your time a day. I am a runner and a newby at kayaking, one thing I noticed is that running has benefitted my kayaking abilities, especially during a strong current. I believe endurance is beneficial in any physical activity you do; the longer you can withstand the resistance the better.  I barely workout my arms, so my arm strength is nothing in comparison to my leg strength, but kayaking has definitely strengthened that area and now that I have gotten into jumping rope it has strengthened those areas even more. Anyhow, jumping rope works out similar areas as running, the only difference is it is a lower impact activity and it exercises the upper body more. It will workout your calves, hamstrings, quads, abs, obliques, wrists, brachs, biceps, deltoids, and traps. From personal experience, be ready to have sore calves… Now for this look, I wore this  mesh top over this cute bra from Victoria Secret pairing it with these sexy mesh workout leggings from Forever 21. Since I am a runner, I am constantly purchasing new running shoes every six months. With that being said, I paired this look with a pair of New Balance shoes, they honestly make the best running shoes, alongside with Asics, Brooks, Under Armor, and Mizuno. As much as I love Nike,  (and I love Nike…) their running shoes are either not meant for someone with a high arch or I personally believe their shoes are made for athletic fashion only, and that includes, Rebook as well. I have had my worst experiences running with those two brands. I have yet to try Saucony and Adidas running shoes. All in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and I hope I gave you a little insight on what shoes to buy if you decide to get into running or even jump rope. Please give it a try if its your New Years resolution to get fit. Ciao my friends!





Athletic wear Athletic wearAthletic wear Athletic wear Athletic wear Athletic wear

Athletic wear






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