Red Lips, Red Choker…

 Grunge Style

I have been in a classic red lip kind of mood for this fall season and soon to come winter. I cannot decide if it is that I am in the Christmas spirit or if it is just one of those classic colors that I absolutely love to rock during this time of the year. Maybe it is a bit of both. I know that Christmas is around the corner so with that being said, I plan on posting a pre-Christmas look for you guys, but I cannot make any promises. I will do my best, if not it will be afterwards. Anyhow, for this look I went a little bit on the rocker grunge side (the dark side…lol). Comfort has been my main concept of attire lately, so I have gone a little minimalist for this look. For those who don’t know me, I love animals all kinds, even reptiles, yes reptiles… amphibians too! So with that in mind, I absolutely love  and their artistic approach to their graphic tees. They are amazing! I  absolutely love how make you fall in love with every species designed on their tees. One of my favorites are their wolf tees, their is something mystifying about their wolves, so I decided to pair my ying-yang wolf tee with this adorable lace-up  black corduroy skirt from Forever 21.  Now, lets talk about these killer shoes I am wearing… Initially, they sold out of them the first time they came out on Lola Shoetique‘s website. I was in utter distress, I wanted these shoes badly! I thought they were not going to come back again. Then they restocked them on their website, but sadly sold out of them again pretty quick. I was way to excited about them, as you can see I developed a look that was inspired by these bad boys. lastly, to complete this look I wore this sexy red fishnet choker to add a splash of color to contrast against the black and to coincide with the red lips. This concludes this weeks lookbook, if I cannot get a Christmas look up for you guys, I will try to post up at least a  pre-Christmas make-up look. Ciao my friends!



Grunge Style Grunge Style Grunge Style Grunge Style IMG_2451IMG_2527IMG_2542

Grunge Style

Photographer: 3R


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